Question Yourself

Have you ever done one of the following?

Asking if someone is around without actually asking what you need such as support answering a question or help solving an issue, wasting the time of others?

Demanding for help for a product or service without actually providing the issue you are having making people wait for you to provide said information?

Complaining that you haven't had a response to a ticket within a reasonable amount of time where the staff member was not available?

Asking the general chat that you have an issue or question but without posting the actual problem, waiting until someone responds?

Pinging someone "Do you know how to use x program?" but not saying your issue immediately after and waiting for someone to respond?

Created an empty support ticket in a Discord or forums site and not writing what help you need, a matter that needs dealing with or a service you require?

Asking whether or not you can be added to a Discord channel, a dedicated system or hosting provider without actually providing the information needed to include you?

Asking why you cannot access a particular website or service without providing the actual URL or context into what your said issue is?

Asking why one of your servers is crashing or will not start without providing more context on how you managed to get such an error or fault?

Pinging your community Discord without actually providing the context into your ping, leaving time wasted and people frustrated when they want to know the news but leaving it like a cliff hangar, doing another ping later on.

If So... It's Time To Stop.

People who do the above listed actions are genuinely trying to be polite by not jumping right into the request which is fantastic, but it's 2024 and the world is consistently evolving with fast paced working environments.

For most people, typing is much slower than talking. So despite best intentions, you're actually just making the other person wait for you to phrase your question or statement, which is lost productivity and extremely annoying.

Something To Learn

As the saying goes, patience is a virtue. You can't just demand from someone for a service, request or response if you haven't been reasonable back to them. Take a moment to think about what you are wanting to achieve before making a conversation extremely awkward.

Disclaimer - Your own incompetence landed you a spot on this site. You aren't being removed. Tough love sweetheart.